/Natural Selection and Lucy

Natural Selection and Lucy

November 24th is a very special day for evolution and related subjects. It is precisely 160 years ago that Charles Darwin published the book The Origin of Species by Natural Selection. It is this unique book that has become the source of the history of evolutionary biology. If, after 160 years, those who are under the illusion of the myth are doing so in the 21st century, you can only imagine the resentment and resentment that society has faced 160 years ago. It is in such a context that the social traditions and beliefs of the day have opened a new dimension in biology.

On November 24, 1974, exactly 115 years after Darwin proposed natural selection, the Lucy fossil was discovered by the physical anthropologist Donald Johnson in the Awash Valley of Ethiopia. Lucy is an important milestone in human evolution. The fossil lucy is a species of Australopithecus afarensis, which exhibits the movement of the legs of the Australopithecines. Lucy and Johnson, who were buried in the sands of time, corroborating Darwin’s ideas 115 years ago, unveiling the second most significant milestone in evolutionary biology.

Thus, November 24 is an important day in the two most important stages of evolutionary biology.

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